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Calcite Removal To Beautify & Restore Your Birmingham Home

Calcite removal

At Diamond Pro Wash, calcite removal is one of our top priorities and most widely requested services. Living in Birmingham or anywhere in the Gulf Coast region means being familiar with calcite, which is as frustrating as rust. Standard pressure washing services like house washing aren't enough to combat calcite. Made up of calcium carbonate, calcite is a white or colorless mineral that appears in crystalline form as a sedimentary rock. These deposits show up on surfaces like bricks, tarnishing the appearance and can leave permanent chalky marks. Our calcite removal process is prompt, professional, and, best of all, effective. You don't have to learn to live with white sediment on the exterior of your home or settle for an unsightly aesthetic. Let our exterior surface cleaning crew show you the results we can get with our professional removal process.

Dealing With Mineral Deposits

As a top company for Birmingham pressure washing, we've just about seen and cleaned it all. Calcite removal is just a more thorough process to ensure no trace of this mineral deposit gets left behind. The most susceptible areas to calcite buildup are concrete and brick mortar. These deposits form from water passing over the surface or moisture developing from under the surface, and while it's unavoidable, it's treatable. Calcite will make the exterior of your home or business look dirty, no matter how often you pressure wash it. If you'd like to improve your curb appeal and maintain your property value, routine professional removal of calcite is vital. Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle the most stubborn stains and buildup, including calcite. The best part is that we'll be able to remove the accumulated mineral deposits without the risk of damaging your exterior surfaces.

Let The Professionals Handle Your Calcite Removal

A common mistake homeowners make is assuming they can do DIY jobs like removing rust or calcite. Using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods may have little to no effect on the deposits, but it poses a threat to the surface and possibly the environment. Call the experts at Diamond Pro Wash for outstanding calcite removal service in Birmingham. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.